Sunday, 12 June 2011

I have a 5 year old!!!! :-D

So, my little man is now 5!! If anyone knows where the last 5 years have gone, could you please let me know!!!

I cannot believe that he is 5, it feels really strange to say that i'm the mum of a 5 year old!! I'm sure he's grown overnight lol!! When I think of all we've been through together in his short life, it seems amazing to think that we're at this point now.

The presents have been opened and he seems really happy with what he's got; his favourite present is his DS, although he's currently building a monster fort with an action figure he got!! He was not interested in sleep last night and we had a very long 'chat' about dinosaurs, meteorites and animals just before midnight. Some of the words and the terminology he uses amazes me sometimes. Of course, he's probably no different to most 5 year old boys lol!! I was awake long before him today and waiting impatiently for him to wake up. Of course, when he did, he was instantly charging downstairs to open his presents!!

He was a little disappointed that he has to go to school today but cheered up somewhat when he realised he was taking some little cakes in for his friends and he'd get to wear a badge :-D His request to dress as a Power Ranger for the day was, of course, denied (although it was tempting as the teachers' faces would have been a picture!!) heehee He is looking forward to his birthday tea later this evening with Chloe, although whether they'll behave remains to be seen.

It would have been nice to see some sunshine on his special day, but it's not looking hopeful so far. We shall see..................:-S

Fingers crossed!!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Rhys has had a friend for a sleepover and has been somewhat excitable :-S After settling them in front of a Ben 10 DVD last night, he came downstairs with a variety of excuses for not settling including, but not limited to...,"Mum, we're hungry and thirsty!!"........,"Mum, we're tired!!!".................,"Mum, we're sad!!"...........,"Mum, James is asleep!!" His delaying tactics are, indeed, something which has to be seen to be believed!!! I kid you not!! His little friend has displayed exemplary behaviour and could not have behaved better :-)

He got a Bronze Award yesterday which his teacher informs me is for good communication, listening and behaviour. A proud Mummy moment indeed.............I only wish he's use his skills outside the classroom a little more :-S

The birthday is fast approaching now. I can't believe he'll be 5 already, even though he seems a lot older sometimes it is still hard to believe. Hopefully he'll be pleased with his presents, although his request for a Disneyland birthday will not be met :-S

And, a busy weekend awaits us. One party today, followed by dinner at a friend's house and another party tomorrow, followed by a barbecue. Then birthday madness on Monday - let the madness commence - Bring it on!!!!!!!

Over and out for now..........................

Thursday, 9 June 2011

If I only had a brain........................

As the Lion (?!) said!!

I really wish there was a way to make some money from Rhys's....erm......Rhysisms!! Yesterday he told me that there was a bungalow in the sea and it was going to erupt!! I was very confused and then he corrected himself and said volcano instead!! This morning he has come out with a very profound statement indeed......*insert drum roll here*........,"Mum, if you don't have a brain, you don't have an idea or a plan, do you?!" Of course, this was prompted by a cartoon (Monsters and Aliens) but I may well be looking at a future academic (although he tells me he wants to be an army (an entire army all on his own!!), a racing driver, a train driver and a policeman!! Who knows?! As long as he's happy, that's all that matters. I guess it's impossible to predict what they will be when they're older!! :-)

And so the great birthday bash approaches :-S I hope he enjoys it and I survive the day too!! Each year, I say to myself never again, never, ever again and each year, it gets bigger and bigger!!! Still, they're only 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc once eh?! lol

He has a little friend to stay tonight which he is looking forward to, so there will be 2 small boys running amok around the place!! :-D

Loving my new phone (Blackberry) and just trying to get to grips with a non-touchscreen one after 2 and a half years of having an LG. It's very different!!

Now, what will the day bring......................................

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So, off he went on his school trip, carrying a rucksack on his back that made him look like he was going to topple over any minute. He reassured me that he'd...,"be okay Mum!!" and went off with as much spring in his step as his backpack would allow him.

Of course, the original intention was to clean, tidy and do other mundane but necessary stuff around the house, but my inner cake eater got the better of me and off I went for scones and biscuits in my friend's garden, complete with tea in a proper teapot. I must tidy my house this week, I really must (yes, keep telling yourself that Clare!!! :-|...) I've never been a tidy person and I face an ongoing battle with my inner slob every day.

2 small boys were collected from school and taken first to the park and then to McDonald's for their tea. When it came to pudding, they insisted on sitting half way across the restaurant from me, which gave me chance to observe them. When they realised they were being watched, they immediately reverted to face-pulling etc but when they were unaware of my perusal, they were as good as gold and deep in conversation (probably about Goop or Jetray etc) I wish I had more chance to see how he is when i'm  not there (fly-on-the-wall style)

Kids..................they're great but I couldn't eat a whole one!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Is God in the clouds??

Apparently so, as my 4 year old (going on 27) informed me earlier!!

It is actually pretty hard to explain, as I don't want him to believe everything he is told without questioning it, but on the other hand he does go to a church school!! lol Then I remember I am talking about Rhys, who questions anything and everything he is told.

He also seems to think that he could look after himself all day on his own. He would have Rice Pudding for breakfast, 2 yoghurts for lunch and pasta for dinner, which he would cook in the oven (pasta bake) He assures me he would not leave the house, except to play in the street on his scooter. Needless to say, I will NOT be putting this to the test :-S

I literally cannot believe he will be 5 very, very soon!! Surely my tiny baby isn't that old?! When did it happen?? Where the hell does the time go? I'm scared to blink in case he is on his way out to his prom!!!

Ah kids?! We never stop worrying about them ever, even when they're at school, they are always on our minds. There is nothing we wouldn't do to keep them safe and sound. Of course, having said all of this, they frustrate the HELL out of us and try our patience a lot more than we would like. But, that's the beauty of having kids :-) NEVER a dull moment to be had...ever!!!