Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday, Monday.................da dah...................da da da dah

It's Monday morning, and yet again, the weekend has flown by in a haze. Mind you, it has been a busy one. Rhys gallivanted off to a sleepover, although he did wake my friend up at 05.50am. His summer body-clock appears to have re-appeared. This is not a good thing, as he now sees anything from 05.30am onwards as time to rise; when he wakes up, it's instant and he's leaping and bounding around before I've had chance to even yawn!! Don't get me wrong, it's great that he has energy, but sometimes I long for even a small lie-in :-S

I am feeling slightly lost this morning. I can't quite put my finger on it and it's nothing specific, but I do have a sense of just drifting along at the moment waiting for things to happen. I am sure it will pass and I am off this week, so plenty of opportunity to reflect and relax!! I know I only work part-time and do have a fair amount of free-time with Rhys being at school full-time but, despite this, I always seem to be busy and rushing around.....and tired!!! lol I thing I may need to invest in some multi-vitamins of some kind?!! I do sometimes wish I had Rhys's enthusiasm and energy!!

I need to escape the house today. I did have great intentions of tidying and sorting, but I feel the need to get out and about and see people. The tidying can wait until another day. I am seriously lacking in motivation and self-discipline, so hats off to those of you with tidy and organised houses :-D

Now, I must buy some hot-cross buns.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Return of the blog.............................this time, it's personal ;-P

Good Morning,

I was so determined to stick at doing the blog every day, but sadly life took over, as it often does. Plus, i did become quite lazy with it and kept thinking,"I'll do it tomorrow..........." I'm sure we've all had those moments when a day turns into a week, turns into a month eh?!!

It's been a period of rapid development for Rhys, who was described by his teacher last week as 'exemplary' He is making great progress with his literacy and numeracy and seems way more grown up than his 4 years sometimes. Of course, as with all 4 year olds (and indeed their elder peers) he can go from being mature and seeming quite grown up to quite childlike within seconds. At least life is never boring and monotonous with kids!!

He is currently on a sleepover at a friend's house and due to be collected at 10am. The house seems very quiet indeed without him and although I don't miss the constant requests for food and drink, I certainly wouldn't want it to be this quiet all the time. Life would be every boring indeed without my little fellow!!

I am determined to give the house a good blitz this week - that's the intention anyway! It remains to be seen whether I will stick to it or get distracted by the lure of coffee at a friend's. I am very easily distracted, so I wouldn't be surprised if it came to Friday and I have achieved nothing. It will certainly be made easier by the fact that there won't be a small figure desperately retrieving binned toys and hiding them at a rate of knots! Why do they do that?! There will be a broken, completely non-working car/robot/figure and they will work themselves into hysterics when they haven't played with it since they were tiny?!! Kids!!

Now, I do need encouraging to keep this up, so all gentle nudges weclome!!!