Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hello, i'm back!

Now, I feel a little ashamed that I have gone almost a week without blogging, especially when I had set my self what I thought was a reasonable target to do it every day!! Life has taken over a little of late, but I am hoping to re-boot myself and start doing it again every day.

It has been a strange couple of weeks in one way and another. My worrying side has come back and has led to me feeling rather stressed. Now, I know, I know - I shouldn't worry, I have a good group of friends around me and Rhys is happy, which is really all that matters. BUT, the people that know me best will know that my worrying is part of me, so it is inevitable from time-to-time that I will have 'one of my phases'. It mainly seems to be around what people think of me and whether I am liked etc.

Rhys is thriving at school, which is a relief for me. He seems to have stopped being quite so emotional, which is an even bigger relief. He keeps coming home with weird and wonderful creations (models etc) and came home with a book he'd made, in which a tiger, a cow, a farmer, a dog and some aliens did battle with each other. Has he seen the future, I wonder?!!!! He does sound very strange, and somewhat phlegmy, when he is practising his letters. I have only just gotten past the fact where I think he's ill when he's doing this!!! lol

Onwards and upwards I go, the neverending cycle of worrying and stressing about insignificant things will no doubt rear it's ugly head again soon!! You have been warned!! Good job i'm so lovable, aye?????


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