Sunday, 30 January 2011

The tumbleweed has been cleared.............

It's been a funny week in one way and another. I have been feeling rotten this week on and off, plagued by a sudden and unexpected attack of vertigo. Never having had it before, it was a strange feeling and the medication to control it is utterly vile. Still, hopefully it was a one off!

So, Saturday night came and it was time to lose our inhibitions and confront the unknown as some friends and I attended a Burlesque evening in Torquay. It was so much fun and certainly opened our eyes. Although one of the performance acts was not strictly Burlesque, it was entertaining nonetheless. There was much talk about nipple tassels, underwear!! A new business idea was suggested. Let's just say it involved....erm......appendage decoration!!! Mimi Le-Rouge, Fifi Le-Bon, Miss Lilac and Heaven-Lea were well and truly entertained. Nice to dress up and meet some new faces too!! Perhaps next time, I may brave a corset - no promises though!!!

I still have lingering tiredness from feeling poorly hence the decision not to drink last night. Rhys stayed over at a friend's house and was reasonably well behaved with some mild to moderate lunacy thrown in (well, it is Rhys, let's face it!!) We attended a 6th birthday party this afternoon and, apart from one screaming episode (about sausages) there was good behaviour. As usual, I over-analysed my actions and started to question how i'd handled it. I just need to look at Rhys and how sociable and popular he is to realise I must be doing something right (doesn't stop the doubts completely though)

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