Friday, 21 January 2011

The one with the Halo......................

No, my only beloved child has not sprouted wings or changed his name to Gabriel, don't worry. He LOVES the Beyonce song of the same name and has watched it on YouTube a few times since we got back. He is, without doubt, a unique child. Certainly never boring.

I am, yet again, feeling very tired indeed this evening. I have, however, managed to blitz the house and change the beds today so I don't mind feeling a little tired lol. I do seem to spend a lot of time rushing round - always busy. I had the idea that when Rhys went to full-time school, I would be bored stiff and sat at home twiddling my thumbs all day. Far from it; I am always busy and always have things to do. This is good but quite, quite exhausting!!

Rhys is happily playing with his new Lego box, making all sorts of whirring and boinging sounds and, for once, he hasn't made a gun or a weapon of any sort! What is it with young boys (it may be girls too lol) that makes them playfight with guns/swords. I really eblieve that you could take a child that has never watched television etc before to a playground and they'd be turned instantly into a mini soldier!! It's embedded in them (maybe it's genetic?! lol) I do think that we could learn something from our kids; how much fun would it be for all the parents at the school,playground to run round chasing each other whilst whooping madly?! I'd draw the line at suggesting the parents use pretend weapons though as that would somewhat spoil the moment!

On Monday, I expect to see lots of Facebook statuses saying that you've all instigated a whoop at school/work etc.........................

Go for it!!!

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