Monday, 3 January 2011

HOW long til school goes back then?!

Now, I really don't mean the above sentence as harshly as it may sound, or do I?!

I guess that i'd kind of got used to having some free time to myself, and the Christmas holidays and the stress it naturally brings with it has left me feeling a bit aaaaaaargh, tear my hair out kind of stressed!!! Plus, i've been poorly with flu, so that hasn't helped much. I don't cope very well with being poorly - I tend to want to sleep a lot, which isn't the easiest thing to do with a small, very inquisitive, very lively young boy to look after!!

I did manage a couple of snoozes here and there, but if I do drop off I run the risk of Rhys eating everything in his sight, as he did the other day when I found the very meagre remains of a large chocolate fudge cake that we'd eaten some of the night before. I could write a book on this child's exploits, I really could!!

New Year's Resolutions are going okay so far. I have made one to keep the house as tidy as possible, and it's pretty tidy today - so far!!

Day 2 over and done with!!

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