Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 1, and after a full day's schooling, he's still NOT tired :-S

Day 1 of full-time school has been completed. The excitement levels this morning were at an all-time high!! With the exception of Christmas Day, it's the most excited i've seen him for some time! Quite what he was expecting, I don't know - lol!

There was an embarrassing moment for me, of course. He made himself a paper tube and put it on his arm and insisted on referring to it, very loudly, as his, "arm bastard (plaster)". He would NOT be corrected, despite loudly whispered pleas from me and had the few parents that were in earshot in absolute stitches!! Thanks son!!

We were very early,and therefore the first ones in the classroom. I felt I ought to stay for a while, and felt a little bit strange when all parents started disappearing and I was one of the only ones left! Normally, i'm quite happy to leave him, but I found myself feeling quite emotional today (there were almost tears, I kid you not!!) He, on the other hand, was practically urging me to leave!!

I'm quite sure i'll get used to the extra free time that I now have, but I did spend a rather melancholy hour wandering fruitlessly round the shops sighing to myself for no particular reason. I definitely think it affects the parents more than the children!!

This day is quite a milestone in his personal and social development, and one i'll remember for a long time. Where did my little boy go?! It appears he has gone forever and been replaced bu a streetwise, talkative wannabe 14 year old!!


  1. I'm sure there'll be many more embaraasing moments to come! Main thing is he loves it and seems to be very popular, which is more than half the battle! By this time next year he'll probably have his own blog!

  2. Following on my phone m'dear so had to comment but am reading avidly. X