Thursday, 20 January 2011

Beads, bread and sausages.............................

The above, in case you're wondering, refers to my day. I made some beaded creations (simple phone charms) for some friends and was treated to a sausage sandwich (with home-made bread) and a thoroughly enjoyable session of putting the world to rights. The girls were on top form today!! I am quite sure that if I gathered together all of my closest friends we'd have more than enough creativity and forward-thinking to rule the world!!The 2 smallest girls at today's gathering appear to have hit it off fabulously aswell and will, no doubt, be terrorising the young men of Torbay in years to come!! I find it quite therapeutic messing with beads and would like to be able to make some money from it, but we shall see...........

The intention was to tidy the house this week, and as we're now hurtling towards the weekend at breakneck speed, it is becoming increasingly more likely that I shall not achieve this goal. Maybe tomorrow????? Depends whether I get tempted away with the offer of a latte in Costas or a Nescafe (or other leading brand ;-) ) in someone's house!!!!! If someone mentions a hot beverage, it would NOT be a close-run contest with the cleaning languishing right back at the starting line!!!

Rhys is quickly turning into a mini-teenager complete with one syllable answers/grunts as responses. He sighs rather dramatically when asked to do something and makes an Everest out of a small mound!! He has been a bit emotional today (not sure why) and would make an excellent thespian in years to come with his amateur dramatics! I'd much rather have a lively, energetic child than one who is shy and reserved but, BLIMEY, he's hard work sometimes!!! :-S

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