Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Take a sip.....................

Having watched Sex and The City 2 last night (fabulous film) there was a scene which jumped out to me. It is the scene in which Miranda and Charlotte make some parenting 'confessions to each other. I was nodding in agreement with every single one!! There must be many things we think and feel as parents that we would never dare utter to each other for fear of receiving a reaction of shock in return (I know I have!!) Perhaps I shall reveal some as time goes on ;-)

Rhys has been extremely excitable since getting home from school. We did the dreaded shop before, ad he was blatantly NOT in the mood for shopping at all. He ran off giggling and messing round and so was unceremoniously bundled into the child seat on the trolley. For Rhys, who is insistent that he is a ,"big, grown-up boy" this is akin to me making him walk naked into school (this is NOT a parenting confession, I hasten to add!! lol)

I am exceptionally tired this evening and in need of an early night. At a friend's last night, Rhys was introduced to the world of the XBox 360 Kinect and had great delight in boxing (he actually won a round!) I very much doubt he'll be taking it up as a career though, unless there is a market for comedy child  boxers who whoop and whirl round (marketing idea, anyone?!!!) whilst roaring excitedly. He could always overcome his opponent by making him laugh himself unconscious, I suppose?!

A busy day, of sorts. I have decided to make the house look nicer by getting some pictures and rugs etc to brighten the place up. It needs it, I feel.

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