Saturday, 15 January 2011

All partied out.....................

Today was a day of rushing about. Rhys had 2 parties, which overlapped one another slightly. After some dashing about, he was still able to eat 2 lots of party food (this was after eating a big portion of lasagna at lunchtime) He was concerned (he expressed this very vocally) that his energy was running out and therefore he had to eat lots of food!! Any excuse!! ;-)

Sitting and watching the children all rushing about today, I was aware of how much my own attitude towards children has changed since having Rhys. Prior to becoming a mum, I was very much of the opinion that anyone who's child had a public tantrum wasn't using effective parenting skills and would, without thinking, express displeasure if there were noisy children around. Now, I would almost dare a stranger to comment when Rhys has a tantrum.

Having a child changes you incredibly and this also got me thinking about the unofficial Parenting Code of Practice. Now, we've all read the ones that pop up about parenthood being a 24 hour job, unpaid, being a nurse, taxi driver etc etc which are, of course, very true, but I think we need our own, more alternative, guide  to follow. This needs careful consideration, so expect to read more in the next few days!! ;-)

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