Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The cars are out...........

There are cars everywhere, as far as the eye can see!!! There was very brief hiatus in the post-school energy rush whilst some wailing and screaming took place in town and on the journey home, but the energy rush has returned with a vengeance now!!

The aforementioned wailing/screaming took place due to my refusal to buy him a toy from the pund shop. He was told that, if he kept asking, there would be no toy. Approximately 65 requests later (sadly, I do NOT exaggerate) and after much ignoring on my part, his fate was sealed and I told him, in no uncertain terms, there would be NO toy today!! What followed was possibly the most annoying sound ever (yes, even more so than hearing music being played that is just audible, from phones and the like, on public transport) It was what can only be describes as a cacophony of raucous and high-pitched bellowing and wailing. Passers-by had a variety of reactions from, "bless him!!" (wtf?!!) to,"well done" (to me for ignoring it) He attempted some more high-pitched wailing on the journey home, but gave up when I told him there'd be no pudding if he carried on (thos child would sell his soul for food!!)

On a positive note (yes, there is one :-D), he has learnt the letters A and S today, although saying,"A...s...s...spells ass" in town was not his finest moment!!

What a colourful patchwork my life is eh?!

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