Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Unleashing the beast inside!! ;-)

Okay, so you're thinking.......what?!!!! Beast?! The above quote can be attributed to my good friend Mrs R, who came out with it at lunch today (ladies who lunch, don't you know!!) I hasten to add that there was no rudeness involved (that's what she said and she appears to be sticking to the story!!) Myself and Mrs T have our own theories on the subject however!! The other Mrs T was sorely missed as some thorough putting of the world to rights was done over 2 meals for £10!! ( a cheeky shandy was also consumed - ooh the indulgence!!!)

I am enjoying having a little more time to myself and meeting up with good friends. I can relax a little more and worry a lot less about Rhys at full-time school after this morning's playground antics! Upon arriving in the school playground, I had assumed that Rhys would not join in with the gaggle of boys that were charging round. I couldn't have been more wrong as he hurled his coat at me and ran whooping towards the throng with a vigour I can only describe as astounding. He proceeded to whoop and bellow his way round the playground, and was more than able to keep up with his peers. Hence the conscious decision to worry a lot less about him whilst he's at school!

I also managed to catch up with 2 other friends and hold 2 of the cutest babies ever, both of whom are developing into real characters despite their exceptionally young ages. I was smiled at in the most lovely of ways by baby Fayth; ALMOST made me feel broody (but not quiet - you won't be seeing diary of a yummy mummy or suchlike anytime soon!!)

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