Friday, 14 January 2011

The one with the campaigning........

I am part of a campaign to save my local Homestart Playgroup and have e-mailed the local MP and set up a Facebook group to help with this. In fact, I am referred to in one local paper as 'a parent' - that's meeeeeeeee!!!! lol So part of the day was spent brainstorming (I have brain-ache now!!!)

We took his friend this morning, and during the journey there was a conversation about everything from how they would drive when they were ,"big tall grown up boys" (beware in 13 tears time!!) to whether they'd be tall Daddies or little Daddies (Rhys appears to think he'll be as tall as our house :-S)

There were playground shenanigans earlier on!! Rhys wanted to be first into his classroom (his friend who is in a different classroom) and descended into wailing hysterics when he had to go to his classroom second. He sat down in the middle of the playground and started making incomprehensible noises, but soon realised he would develop a very wet bum, so was carried under my arm into the classroom. The teacher had a rather puzzled expression on her face! There was much scowling and harrumphing when I said I was going, but when I looked back seconds later whilst walking past the window, he had grabbed Jamie and was making him play with the Lego! If only adults could recover that quickly from an emotional episode, the world would be a much better place (although the extremes of happiness would be quite irritating after a while as we'd be walking round like kid's television presenters!!!)

I am awaiting his return as he has gallivanted off for a post-school play session with his little friend (there is much twiddling of thumbs going on here!)


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