Thursday, 6 January 2011

We're BOTH yawning today!!!

It's Tiredsville down here as one of us has been at work all day and the other has been at school. He proudly presented me with another model today, which consisted of 3 cardboard boxes taped together. He informed me that he hadn't chosen what it was going to be,"at the moment Mum!" Now, I may sound lile a cow here, but when you've been presented with different variations of cardboard every school day, it's fairly hard to muster up much enthusiasm. It's an act of secrecy to try and sneak them (demodelled) back into school without him noticing, I kid you not! It is interesting to see which cardboard other parents donate. I did see a foreign beer packet had snuck past the watchful eye of Mrs S!!

How lovely to be greeted with a grunt when I collect my one and only child from the childminder's. I was treated to an array of non-specific responses when asking him about his day. Apparrently, if he is to be believed, nothing happened, no-one was there and he was sat on his own all day. Thankfully, I know the reality is different. It's amazing what information a packet of crisps gets you!!

Over and out.........for now!!

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