Sunday, 16 January 2011

My child, my rules!

I'm sure that all parents have experienced the moment when you can feel a stranger's eyes burning into you whilst you are attempting to discipline your child. You can just tell, without turning around, that the look is one of disapproval (there will probably be a shake of the head to go in conjunction with it) You can deal with this sort of situation in several ways, and though it is tempting to challenge the person (I have done this a few times), I find ignoring them is a better option (whilst my face is going increasingly redder) There was an incident today where I was on the receiving end of a filthy look from an older lady who appeared to think I was cruel for not letting my 4 year old son have the 3-litre bottle of fizzy pop he was struggling under the weight of (either that or she thought I was buying it FOR him lol) I am, albeit very slowly, learning to develop a thicker skin in relation to other people's thoughts on my parenting.

Rhys has been in bed for an hour; with extreme reluctance and after demanding 7 stories (he had 5) he was under his covers by 6.30. A brief rebellion happened at 6.45 when a shout for cake was heard above Dancing on Ice. It was dutifully ignored and he appeared to realise the fruitlessness of this as there has been blissful silence since. We had a milestone moment this morning when he wrote his name himself for the first time ever. He appeared completely nonplussed by my reaction (whooping) and carried on writing more letters as if he's been doing it for years!! School is suiting him methinks!!

I only wish I had half his energy. How on earth do small children keep going for so long?! If only I could bottle it, i'd be a millionaire...............this time next year Rodders...........................!!

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