Sunday, 2 January 2011

Taking the plunge and starting this blog......

This is something i've felt like doing for a while, so i'm glad i've taken the plunge finally!!

So, 2011 is here and what will it bring, I wonder?!

Rhys starts full time school next Wednesday (January 5th) I really can't believe it!! He is definitely ready, and I am looking forward to the break, as horrible as that might sound. But........the mum worries are settling in. Will he be okay? Will he be as confident as he has been up to this point, or will he become shy? Worries, worries, worries (quite normal for me)

As for New Year's Resolutions, i'm trying to keep it easy this year. Lose weight, be healthy, be happy! Sounds easy, but breaking the stresshead habit will be my biggest challenge by far! I've spent 33 years stressing, so expect it to take a while to say the least. Still, it's good to have a challenge eh?!

The first blog entry!!!

Over and out!!


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