Saturday, 8 January 2011

These are the days of our lives...........

And they pass so quickly; in the blink of an eye it seems sometimes!!

I've had a bit of a square peg in a round hole feeling today, not with relation to anything i've done today or anyone i've seen, but something that's been on my mind for a few days. I am determined not to let how other people act, or what other people do, impact on my life so much any more. Doubtlessly, I will have many a crisis of confidence over this, but i've reached a point in my life where it just doesn't matter (or it shouldn't matter!! lol)
I'm feeling more confident in my own skin of late, a lot of which is due to the great circle of friends I have around me. The people i'm closest to, mostly, are people i've only met in the last few years, and the fact that I can be myself around them means more to me than they will ever realise. I've fought for too long to try and be friends with people who aren't a healthy influence and who don't actually care about my friendship.

I feel my bond is great with Rhys at the moment, despite the fact he seems hell-bent on destroying my one remaining nerve! Long may it continue.

A busy day in lots of ways, so i'll say over and out. Tune in tomorrow for the next instalment!!

Ciao xx


  1. Again my previous comment disappeared! You are so right! Bugger the soft arses who've been making life difficuly and uneasy for you, I,m just discovering this myself after 10 years of trying to be nice to people, no more Mr Nice Guy! You have a great circle of TRUW friends and they reallt are worth the effort, fuck the others, its their loss!! Speal later love Mum xx

  2. Try again! Totally agree, the twits (with a large A) that have been making life uncomfortable for you are not worth the effort, it's their loss!!! You have a great circle of friends who are obviously true friends so the rest can fuck off1! I'm just discovering that myself after ten years of trying to be nice and being what I thought other people wnted me to be, no more Mr Nice Guy and doesn't it feel good!!! You sound very resolute too! Keep it up!