Sunday, 9 January 2011

The boy with limitless energy........................

Despite a VERY long (muddy) walk, a play on the park and lots of kicking a football around, the small person is NOT tired!!! He did say to em earlier on that he had lots and lots of energy!! :-S

Walking, even with a 4 year old chattering incessantly at your side, is quite therapeutic. I did feel good afterwards, though the walk failed miserably to fulfil it's promise of tiring him out!! Lots of thinking done again today and lots of ideas to mull over. I've never been good at making decisions, so deciding whether to go to University and do my nursing training will probably take me at least another year!! I have started on my UCAS application though, so we'll see!!

I'm hoping for an early night, or a chilled out night at the very least. I have work for the next two days, so have only actually collected and taken Rhys once since he started full-time school. That's the sacrifices of being a working mum though. I take my hat off to those that work full time and have young children; it must take incredible organisation! I don't think I could ever be a full-time mum, and that's another job I tip my hat to!! A bit of both works well for me, and Rhys is happy, which is the main thing.

I'm going to be making more of an effort to catch up with some of my older (in length, not in age!! lol) friends over the next few weeks, and it will be interesting to see the changes with them.

I'm actually starting to yawn......and the potatoes will be boiling over very soon, so i'd better be off.


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