Thursday, 13 January 2011 for duck?!

Rhys has been learning about letters today, and indeed for the past week. In his self-appointed role as class clown, he seems to think he's being hilarious by saying things wrong! Thankfully, it appears to be in fairly short bursts as his teacher assures me he is progressing brilliantly!! Phew! Make a note of the name Rhys Sallery as he will either be famous or infamous in the future!

The full-time school tiredness has well and truly settled in now and he cut a very forlorn figure dragging his heels around Sainsbury's earlier on. He was disgusted that he had to go down to the nursery earlier on (he seems to have aged himself by about 5 years and looks down on the nursery as if they're very much younger than him, not just a few months!!!)

Met some friends today for coffee and paninis whilst (their) kids played. I am enjoying having more time to myself and starting to feel a little less lost/abandoned, but it still feels very strange to say that I have a child in full-time school!

I'm afraid i'm lacking in inspiration today and have a total lack of motivation this evening (my plans to pull the furniture out and hoover behind it have been pushed to one side for now) but I do have cake, so all is not lost!! :-D

p.s. The cake is chocolatey and gooey, or should I say it WAS!!!! heehee

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