Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Middle of the night non-sleepiness

Following a series of complaints about leg pain, knee pain and bad lobster dreams (yes, lobsters!!) the house, which was already clean, now has an extra shine to it. Of course, this will be destroyed once the small boy has awoken and wreaked mayhem and chaos wherever he goes!!

It has been a busy few weeks with evenings out, seeing friends (old and new!), kid's parties and the Sleep Walk!! Busy is good, I like busy but sometimes, I long for a chilled evening with good company and good wine. I have realised that my Facebook status updates might make me seem like a proper old lush sometimes and I'm really not that big a drinker - it just seems like that at the moment. In a moment of madness, I bought some Martini and Lemonade which was my tipple of choice last night and it has made me have rather vivid dreams about sword fighting and ghosts!

Rhys and his little friend were having a rather full and frank discussion about their weight earlier and, of course, spiders and bugs and other such stuff. As I was observing them, it made me think that adults could learn a lot from kids sometimes. Kids just say what is on their mind, literally straight out with it. Us adults tend to dither and beat around the bush and wonder whether we've said the right thing and what the other person might have thought about that etc etc Now, of course, things can be misinterpreted and one person may have thought the other meant something deep and heavy when, in fact they were just saying what was on their minds. When I've had a drink or when i'm feeling really relaxed, I tend to revert back to this childhood way of doing things and will, quite often, just say what I'm thinking without realllllllly thinkign about it...........although I do mean what I say if that makes any sense. Oh, and I waffle - boy do I waffle!!! lol

Right, time to try and grab some sleep now that the small boy is snoring away quite happily. Hopefully no more bad dreams about shellfish for him!! :-S

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