Sunday, 12 June 2011

I have a 5 year old!!!! :-D

So, my little man is now 5!! If anyone knows where the last 5 years have gone, could you please let me know!!!

I cannot believe that he is 5, it feels really strange to say that i'm the mum of a 5 year old!! I'm sure he's grown overnight lol!! When I think of all we've been through together in his short life, it seems amazing to think that we're at this point now.

The presents have been opened and he seems really happy with what he's got; his favourite present is his DS, although he's currently building a monster fort with an action figure he got!! He was not interested in sleep last night and we had a very long 'chat' about dinosaurs, meteorites and animals just before midnight. Some of the words and the terminology he uses amazes me sometimes. Of course, he's probably no different to most 5 year old boys lol!! I was awake long before him today and waiting impatiently for him to wake up. Of course, when he did, he was instantly charging downstairs to open his presents!!

He was a little disappointed that he has to go to school today but cheered up somewhat when he realised he was taking some little cakes in for his friends and he'd get to wear a badge :-D His request to dress as a Power Ranger for the day was, of course, denied (although it was tempting as the teachers' faces would have been a picture!!) heehee He is looking forward to his birthday tea later this evening with Chloe, although whether they'll behave remains to be seen.

It would have been nice to see some sunshine on his special day, but it's not looking hopeful so far. We shall see..................:-S

Fingers crossed!!!!

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