Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So, off he went on his school trip, carrying a rucksack on his back that made him look like he was going to topple over any minute. He reassured me that he'd...,"be okay Mum!!" and went off with as much spring in his step as his backpack would allow him.

Of course, the original intention was to clean, tidy and do other mundane but necessary stuff around the house, but my inner cake eater got the better of me and off I went for scones and biscuits in my friend's garden, complete with tea in a proper teapot. I must tidy my house this week, I really must (yes, keep telling yourself that Clare!!! :-|...) I've never been a tidy person and I face an ongoing battle with my inner slob every day.

2 small boys were collected from school and taken first to the park and then to McDonald's for their tea. When it came to pudding, they insisted on sitting half way across the restaurant from me, which gave me chance to observe them. When they realised they were being watched, they immediately reverted to face-pulling etc but when they were unaware of my perusal, they were as good as gold and deep in conversation (probably about Goop or Jetray etc) I wish I had more chance to see how he is when i'm  not there (fly-on-the-wall style)

Kids..................they're great but I couldn't eat a whole one!!

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